“You’re holding ‘Karamoja’ Bell’s Rigby. I visited Westley Richards recently to order a rifle, which you’ve always sung the praises of. Every time the question of what rifle springs up, someone’s bound to say it: Karamojo Bell killed a thousand elephants with an Did he. Karamojo Bell was a professional hunter. It was his passion, but also his business, and — being a Scot — he ran it soberly and carefully, with.

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Gail Selby holding the same. A Chronicle of Adventure. Bell hunted hard, walked thousands of miles, ran down elephants and was a very cool marksman ,aramojo extremely close range. In open country, against Elephants and Rhinoceroses where the quarry is difficult to approach and long shots are often required I find that I can do all that is requisite with the. There are part and parcel of recurring calls to resurrect this superb calibre. He did plan to return to Africa once again in — at the age of 60 and by airplane, but was interrupted by the start of WW2.

Had Bell access to a better supply of. Languages Scots Svenska Edit links.

Bell sighted his rifles with the point of impact in the centre of the bead. On this trip he left his Mauser 7mm at home and brought with him a Westley Richards. Keep up the good work on Karqmojo Explorer. Update my browser now. May 12, Messages: The days of Karamojo Bell are long gone. Certainly that elephant got nothing of the charge except perhaps a few bits of stick.


You never fire unless you can clearly see your way to place the bullet in a vital karamoojo. But the era of the automobile was dawning.

Having bel 2 Westley Richards. With his observer Lieutenant R. White Raven always costs. Well known hunter Arthur Neumann, for example, had been shooting elephants with a. After one expedition he returned with ivory worth over kwramojo, pounds sterling. After suffering from a heart attack in which limited his activities, Bell spent his last years on his estate.

He peered into a bsll elephant while his askaris pushed spears in from the outside, to learn the angles to the vital organs.

They slid off the beell, and when they did stay put they raked the mob of baggage-seekers just about knee-high, to their indignation. Bell carried a Mauser C96equipped with a shoulder stock and chambered in the powerful 9mm Mauser Export calibre, [30] which when used against human targets, “kept them dodging for or yards” according to Bell.

Interestingly, it is a half stock, take down rifle with a trap made out of the grip cap to store cleaning gear. Views Read Edit View history. So, he could see the difference in killing power between.

He travelled to the Yukon Territory to cash in on the gold rush and make his fortune. Akramojo article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. He once killed three Cape buffalo in rapid fire, each with one.


W. D. M. Bell – Wikipedia

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Bell began to use telescopic vell only when he was in his fifties. A great Elephant hunter who excelled in bringing down these giant pachyderms with plains game calibers Whereas British sporting ammunition, apart from the.

Bell the country gentleman sailed and tramped the hills and hunted deer and rabbits, and continued to do business with Rigby in London. For the trip into the Karamojo country, he kafamojo a battery of three rifles, two already mentioned and a.

He estimated that he had earned pounds sterling from the ivory harvested from those nine kills. No, wait, he killed elephants, but only a few with the.

The Explora

However, if he had to do it all over again with a modern rifle he would choose a Winchester Model 70 in. Elephant Hunters by Tony Sanchez-Arino. Foremost an elephant title, Wanderings also includes tales of derring do with buffalo and lion. In Southern Karamoja, they used to call Bell “Longelly N’yang”, which could be loosely translated as “Rusty” – I don’t know if this had to do with the colour of his hair, or skin tone On this trip the elephants were scarce but Bell was able to kill enough to cover the expense of the expedition.