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In the written papers he did well, but being overwhelmed by doubts he thought that he would not secure sufficient marks for passing.

Shri Sai Satcharitra in French. On the first day, the moon is not seen and on the second day also she is not clearly visible. If anybody disobeyed these ordinances, they were to be fined by the village-authorities and panchas.

Shri Sai Satcharitra in Gujarati Chapter 17

The book is in hindi language. In an instant, they pierced her heart and found lodgement there. He ssai no issue. He read these books often and often and then after some days Baba thought of favouring and initiating Shama with Vishnu-Sahasra-Nam.


After the chilim pipe was first smoked by him, it was then offered to Baba and others. There he saw an old dying Fakir, who asked him for water.

He studied astrology and gained proficiency in it and thereby improved his lot. He was simple, rough and straightforward.

Once Krishna and Balarama were sent to the forest for bringing fuel. Dada, this is only a dream. But these outward signs should never be our standards to judge the worth of the saints.

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Damu Anna says in his statement made about the year to Mr. It was no vision but direct order and My words are always pregnant with meaning and never hollow. The world is all dependent on Him, and no one is independent. If the outer senses are not held in check and if the mind be allowed to run after objects and be attached to them, our cycle of births and deaths will not come to an end.

His Mujavar priest by name Inus pressed Gujaarati many a time, night and day, for going to see him, but for some reason or other he was not able to see him.

On one said obverse of it were engraved the figures of Rama, Laxman and Sita and on the gujarait reverse side was engraved the figure of Maruti, with folded hands. Just think for yourself whether your dream is true or not? Some days later he went to the house of his friend.

He did not know the Sandhya nor its chief mantra, the Gayatri. Bhaiji, brother of Kakasaheb Dixit was staying at Nagpur. Also there is in your house another Mahomedan Sak by name Kadbibi, whom you propitiate and appease on your marriage and other festivals. He had a son, who suffered from epilepsy. There remained only one way sxi remedy, viz.

He was able to earn sufficient money and passed his after-life in ease and comfort.

The mind will get steady and calm slowly and gradually. Beauty is the subject of sight; we should fearlessly look at the beauty of objects.

Notify me of new comments via email. He served for ten years in the Abkari department in the Thana District and in Javhar state, from where he had to retire. When he i and saw Baba from guiarati courtyard, he was melted inside, his eyes were full of tears, his throat was choked and all his evil and crooked thoughts vanished.


Daily Reading of Shri Sai Satcharitra – SAI GURU TRUST – Daily Parayana of Shri Sai Satcharitra

She used to sit near the post staring at Baba with tears of joy flowing down from her eyes. When my sister died, my mind was much upset. Let us, therefore, worship the Sad-guru and pray to him to give us the true vision, which is nothing but God-vision. With Puja materials in hand, they then went to the Masjid and worshipped Baba satcharifra due formality.

One person found this helpful. He thought that she was very simple and devout, and her seeing Rama might be a hallucination of her mind. He thought about this and as he was a devotee of Baba, he wrote a detailed letter to Shama giving all the facts and requested him to consult Baba and take His advice in the matter.

Baba suffered this ordeal for the sake of His Bhakta. He sent word through guiarati fellow- student, stating that he had passed in the written examination and that he should appear for the oral. He began to scold and abuse Shama and remarked that if the book be not returned, he would dash his head before him.

Shri SaiSatcharitra in Urdu. Once a Ramadasi follower of Saint Ramadas came to Shirdi and stayed for some time. Amir stayed there for full nine months, and then, somehow or other, he got a disgust for the place.